In the expansive realm of stock photography, one name stands out for its unique charm and commitment to capturing the magic of moments – Founded in 2005 by the photographer Sam Mugraby, has evolved into a treasure trove of tens of thousands of high-resolution stock images, each telling a story in pixels.

The Journey of embarked on its journey in April 2005 with a modest collection of 500 photos. And as of 2016, and the website has blossomed into a repository of visual wonders, continuously expanding with new and exclusive images. Sam Mugraby envisioned photography as a magical box, and this philosophy echoes in every pixel housed on

Meaning of Boxist / Decoding “Boxist” – Where Box Meets Artistry: The name “Boxist” is a fusion of two elements: “Box” and “ist.” For us, the “box” symbolizes the enchanting world of photography. It’s a magical container filled with captivating images waiting to be explored. The “ist” suffix denotes a person with a particular quality or someone who practices a craft. Thus, a “Boxist” is one who crafts magic through photography.

Understanding Stock Photography: For the uninitiated, stock photography refers to a supply of photographs available for licensing, enabling clients to purchase images on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. This form of photography serves diverse purposes, commonly used by marketing agencies and creatives to add flair and personality to their designs without undertaking a custom photoshoot.

The Dilemma of Image Usage: Consider this scenario: you’re working on a magazine, writing a book, managing a website, or operating an online business, and you need a specific image. The solution isn’t a Google search or taking images from any website due to copyright infringement concerns. Here’s where steps in. They meticulously capture and create images, showcasing them in their online photography store for global clients to purchase and license for personal, educational, or commercial use.

What Sets Boxist Photography Apart:

Exclusivity: Unlike other stock photo agencies, exclusively offers images that are not available for license or sale on any other platform. Every image is unique to Boxist, granting clients a special level of exclusivity.

Single Photographer Approach: All images on are the artistic creations of one photographer, Sam Mugraby. This contrasts with other platforms where images come from various photographers.

Quality Over Quantity: maintains a strict policy of top-quality resolution and files for each image. The meticulous creation process ensures that every image meets high standards.

No Cheap Thrills: While some stock photo websites offer images at low rates, takes a different approach. The prices reflect the unique exclusivity and the dedication that goes into each photograph, setting it apart from the norm.

Every image on is a result of careful work, meeting stringent quality standards. The online blog at Boxist photography provides insights into the creative process and interesting tidbits. Explore the online store, where you might find something that resonates with your vision, joining the ranks of thousands of satisfied clients who have discovered the magic within Boxist Photography.